Welcome to the SASA North District with affiliated clubs in Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Highland, Moray, Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles

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The home of aquatic sport in the North of Scotland

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Squad Information

Information about Squad Selection is available on the Scottish Swimming website here.

Information for DRP Qualifiers

DRP Days this year will be held at Aberdeen Sports Village on Sundays 25 September, 23 October and 4 December.

Lead coach is Anne Ewing with Assistant Coaches Maureen Keil, Aaron Sievewright and Lorna Whike.

This year's senior swimmer is Craig Benson and Team Manager is Lynn Alderton.

Please note that swimmers are selected for the third day of the DRP based on behaviours outlined in the letter from Ally WHike below and not on speed in the water. 

Swimmers can only be selected for stroke camps in 2017 if a coach, teacher or helper is present from their club on each DRP day.

Information below -


Letter sent to swimmers from Ally Whike

Kit list

Invitation (generic)

MIndset presentation to parents (pdf)

Mindset leaflet (pdf)

North District National Squad Members 2016 - 2017

Senior Gold

Hannah Miley NGHX

Senior Silver

Rachel Masson USAX

Tom Beeley NANX

Finlay Deans UCAX

Kisrty Simpson UCAX

Conner Morrison UCAX

Youth Development

Alice Alcaras UCAX

Gaia Alcaras UCAX

Alicia Bain UCAX

Rosie Morgan UCAX

Toni Shaw NCOX

Anya Slessor NBDX

Senior Bronze

Max Hitchcox NGHX

Iain Lovie NBHX

Caroline McIntosh UCAX

Yasmin Perry UCAX

Jessica Thomson UCAX

Jack Watson UCAX

District Regional

Callum Agnew NADX

Ben Barclay NGHX

Louise Beattie NISX

Alex Bonner NCOX

Rhona Bowie UCAX

Kieran Breschner NADX

Amy Bristo NBDX

Calvin Brown NENX

Emma Calder NAOX

Evie Jay Clark NLRX

Kaitlin Coia-Gamble NISX

Finley Cousins NGHX

Caitlin Dick NGHX

Matthew Dick NGHX

Emma Downie NBSX

Ceri Gillespie NGHX

Kailyn Hall NBDX

Katie Hay NGNX

Angus Henry NWKX

Elliott Hepworth NBDX

Stuart Jutagir NADX

Milly Low NBDX

Ruby Lumsden NBBX

Mairi MacDonald NBNX

Eilidh Mackenzie NTNX

Jenna McLean NISX

Isla McDonald NTNX

Emma Mill NTOX

Adam Millar NLKX

Elaine Murray NPDX

Tasmin Neef NTNX

Georgia Officer NENX

Nicole Ogg NGHX

Christie Paterson NANX

Sienna Perry NBDX

Jessica Riach NBHX

India Richardson NCOX

Katie Scorgie NBDX

Conrad Selssor NBDX

Catriona Sutherland NENX

Lewis Sutherland NTOX

James Taylor NANX

Annabelle Wright NAOX

Isla Yule NBBX