Welcome to the SASA North District with affiliated clubs in Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Highland, Moray, Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles

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The home of aquatic sport in the North of Scotland

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Welcome to the SASA North District Website!

SASA North District is one of four Districts of the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA). The SASA is the membership body of Scottish Swimming.

The North District supports the interests of swimmers, synchronized swimmers, masters swimmers, open water swimmers, divers and water polo players as well as their clubs in Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Highland, Moray, Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles. We have aquatics clubs in all disciplines, including clubs for swimmers with disabilities, and all are encouraged to affiliate; those intending to send members to compete must do so.

The North District is run according to Scottish Swimming Governance and Company Rules and run by volunteers who are elected annually.

Latest News and Updates Ticker

  • 12 February - Regional Education Week Info RSDM
  • 11 February - District Record Update Records
  • 11 February - Buckie Age Groups and Westhill Invitational Info and Entry Files 2016Meets
  • 10 February - Cults Novice and Dyce Mini Results 2016Meets
  • 7 February - Peterhead Graded and Aberdeen Mini Results 2016Meets
  • 29 January - Meet Date Application information for 1 August to 31 December Swimming
  • 29 January - STO Committee updated STO
  • 24 January - North District Age Group Meet Results 2016Meets
  • 20 January - Alford Otters 4th 200 Meet Meet Info and Entry Files 2016Meets
  • 19 January - COAST Long Course Open entry files 2016Meets
  • 19 January - North District Swimming Committee details Swimming
  • 19 January - Record Application Forms updated as word files Records
  • 17 January - North District Masters Champs Flyer Masters
  • 30 December - Masters Calendar and Scottish Masters SC Championships Information Masters
  • 30 December - Age Group Meet Draft Programme 2016Meets
  • 19 December - Age Group Championships Meet Information and Entry Files 2016Meets
  • 6 December - Results of Alford Invitational and Thurso Meet 2015Meets
  • 5 December - Latest North District Swimming Calendar Swimming
  • 3 December - Elgin Spring and Elgin Mini Meets meet info and entry files 2016Meets

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Next District Meets

North District Age Group Championships

  • Aberdeen Aquatics Centre
  • 5/6 March 2016
  • Full programme
  • Age at 31 December 11-13, 14/15, 16+
  • Draft programme with clubs

North District Junior Time Trials

  • Aberdeen Aquatics Centre
  • 28/29 May 2016
  • Full CWG Programme
  • Age at 31 December 12 - 16
  • Meet Information imminent

North District Development Meet

  • Inverness Leisure
  • 25/26 June 2016
  • 200s and 400s
  • Age at 31 December 11 - 15 and over
  • Meet Information imminent

Next District Meeting

Delegates Meeting

  • Aberdeen
  • 13 February 2016
  • Dunavon House Hotel, Aberdeen, AB21 7EE